Technical Data


TAU PANEL is manufactured in the following thickness:

  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm


Compressive Strength tests were performed in both Lateral (L) and Axial (A) directions.

  • 50mm panel has achieved (L)20.68 and (A) 38.6
  • 75mm panel achieved (L)51.43 and (A) 62.79.


TAU PANELhas a flammability index of 0.00, making it excellent for non-load bearing fire partitions. It exceeds the requirements for non-load-bearing fire partitions to AS1530 Part 4.

  • 50mm FRL of -/90/90
  • 75mm FRL of -/120/120
  • 100mm FRL of -/180/180

In terms of Building Code of Australia (AS1530 Part 1) TAU PANEL is deemed to be non-combustible.


TAU PANEL provides the following excellent thermal insulation:

  • 50mm – 1.41
  • 75mm – 2.17
  • 100mm – 2.93


TAU PANEL has been tested for Sound Transmission using AS / NZS 1276:1:1999 and ISO 140-4 and achieved:

  • 50mm STC 32
  • 75mm STC 36

This means that it far exceeds the sound absorbent requirements for hospitals, schools and other quiet structures.


Combustion of EPS in the panel core does not pose a toxicity problem. The CSIRO Division of Building Research states that ‘for foamed polystyrene the potential toxic hazard appears to be no greater than that for wood’.


TAU PANEL panels are erected using light gauge steel framing at wall base and head. A variety of installation options are available incorporating channel, angle or totally concealed framing systems. TAU PANEL panels slip together using a tongue and groove jointing system and may be flush set or butt jointed according to project requirements.


TAU PANEL will accept almost any finish, from water-based and enamel paints, through to polymers, and cement render coatings. They can be painted with a standard 3-coat system for a smooth internal look or have a hi-build polymer texture applied for an extra rough Tuscan feel. The panel also readily accept external stone and other architectural finishes.